Hudson sampling

Shown here is the lobster trap. We inserted each bottle in the trap, tied the doors to the trap ( one of the two doors can be seen on the bottom of the photo) and then we put our line through the trap. The trap was used as a float in our experiment.

When we retrieved our bottles, we found that some were empty while others were filled up. On the left is our control, and in comparison to the bottle on the right it’s obvious that it’s missing water.

Our collections from the Hudson River are still unrecovered. We are still concentrating on our set up. The biggest obstacle is keeping our samples in the water so that the experiment can occur. ¬†Some solutions that was thought of, were to keep our incubators in a lobster tap but that hasn’t ¬†worked . Instead, while our bottles were in the trap were punctured and water leaked in.

Our future studies revolves around our voyage to Newtown Creek in the East River. We intend to attempt our set up there as well.